ST PAUL Downtown

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St. Paul Route Information

DESCRIPTION: A fun route with a view of the Xcel Energy Center, and downtown St. Paul, with a great overlook on Kellogg Blvd.  Includes several iconic St. Paul watering holes and a few up and coming breweries.

NUMBER OF STOPS: 2-3 suggested

DISTANCE: 4-5 miles

STARTS / ENDS AT: 365 Webster Street St. Paul, MN 55102

PARK HERE: Limited off-street parking, free street parking

Patrick McGovern’s
225 7th Street West | (651) 224-5821

Seventh Street Truck Park
214 7th St W | (651) 340-8431

The Liffey Irish Pub
175 7th Street West | (651) 556-1420

Optional Stops

Bad Weather Brewing Company
414 7th St W| (651) 207-6627

Eagle Street Grille
2521, 174 7th St W |  651-225-1382

Grand 7
315 7th St W | 651-222-6104

Great Waters Brewing Company
426 St Peter St | 651-224-2739

Keenan’s Bar (Keenan’s 620 Club)
620 7th St W |  651-227-3840

New Bohemia
222 7th St W | (651) 330-8267

995 7th St W | (651) 228-9925

Tom Reid’s Hockey City Pub
258 7th Street West | (651) 292-9916

Waldmann Brewery & Wurstery
445 Smith Ave N | 651-222-1857